Living Nature

The experimental shots were developed specifically for animals and delivered after eight gorillas at the zoo tested positive for the coronavirus in January.
The giant pandas at the National Zoo know how to make the most of a snow day — head first and belly up.
Less than two weeks into 2021 and it's already brought us lasso snakes.
Officials at Hwange National Park have called the situation dire
A black bear cub was found napping in the toilet sinks of a lodge in Montana, USA. The young animal managed to sneak in through an open window before sprawling out across the counter to go for a quick snooze. The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office and Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks were later called, and worked together to safely remove the bear.
Marium was a social media sensation in Thailand.
The birth of a critically-endangered West African chimpanzee caught visitors by surprise at Chester Zoo. The new baby, a female which is yet to be named, is in good health has been labelled a ‘vital boost’ to the conservation breeding programme for the rare apes by conservationists.
Police officials in Missouri said the bear just yawned when deputies knocked on the window.
A starving polar bear strayed hundreds of kilometers away from its natural habitat and wandered into the industrial city of Norilsk in northern Siberia. It is the first polar bear seen in the city in more than 40 years, according to local environmentalists. Climate change has been damaging polar bears' sea-ice habitats and forced them to scavenge for food on land.