loch ness monster

Further suggestions appear to agree with the original witness, speculating the mystery shape is a either a humpback or sperm
A mysterious, multi-humped 'Loch Ness Monster-like' shape filmed in London's River Thames has sparked fevered speculation
A dedicated Nessie hunter claims he has solved the mystery of the Loch’s elusive monster after a 24-year vigil. Steve Feltham
But later that evening while looking at their photos they noticed the double saucers. He said: “We were in shock. I can’t
Public transportation just got a little more interesting for those of us wanting to make the journey from Snowdon to Brecon
Since 1933 the murky waters of Loch Ness are said to have been haunted by an elusive serpentine monster. Nessie, as she is
... leaving a "whirlpool" behind it Ross told the Scottish Daily Record they were taking pictures when someone pointed out
A long-lost relative of Nessie may have been discovered in Scotland. This monster lived 170 million years ago - not in Loch
The Loch Ness Monster could have faced a nasty fate and sparked tensions between England and Scotland if anyone could actually
Iceland has its very own lake monster, it's official. This video, taken in 2012 has been scrupulously analysed by a 'Truth