London Buses

Kofi Opoku's death comes after HuffPost UK revealed London bus drivers are being “forced” to breach capacity limits.
London mayor Sadiq Khan told HuffPost UK he was aware of the issue and that operators had been warned by TfL not to flout the rules.
The move to keep drivers safe from coronavirus comes after 16 bus workers in the capital died after testing positive for Covid-19.
Unite the Union said officers were holding daily meetings with Transport for London to "explore further safety improvements" on the network,
The cause of the crash is currently unknown.
Sadiq Khan has dumped the new double-decker bus which was annoyingly dubbed the 'Boris Bus', because everything that Bozo the Mayor did always had his name appended to it by the press and, I suspect, by himself.
An officer observes the scene “Everyone around here thinks the driver must have been new and didn’t realise how low the bridge
London's biggest tube strike in 13 years descended into chaos on Thursday morning, as commuters struggling to get into work