lord ashcroft

Tory donor accused of avoiding millions in tax through an off-shore haven.
These latest leaks make one thing clear. The era of secrecy is over. Transparency is the way forward. It's a matter of when not if. More leaks are coming. It time for the UK to get ahead of the curve once more, and to stop wringing its hands and crying crocodile tears. Please join me in calling for action.
Lord Ashcroft was unable to attend the book launch of his headline grabbing biography of David Cameron on Monday evening
A co-author of the scandalous 'piggate' book has admitted her source could have made up the much-touted tale concerning David
The controversial ‘Call Me Dave’ biography of the Prime Minister is currently the top selling book at the Tory Party Conference
David Cameron has said he will not sue Lord Ashcroft over claims published from the controversial biography last week, because
David Cameron ignored advice from his own mother to stop supporting the gay marriage cause, risking his position as party
Fears the Scots might vote for independence drove David Cameron to such panic he began having sleepless nights, Lord Ashcroft's
It really didn't relent. David Cameron was probably hoping the Internet had moved on from guffawing over salacious tales
How damaging is it? As Newsnight pointed out, history could remember Cameron as it does Catherine the Great, who many think died while copulating with a horse, despite that not being true. Who knows how legends are made, but the public mood may be more forgiving for the PM.