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It is difficult to imagine a sadder and more lonely life than that of the Countess of Lucan - found dead this week at the
The 40-year mystery of what happened to Lord Lucan has finally been solved – if this parish magazine is to be believed. The
She is a woman who is today defined by a single event that happened 43 years ago - and now, and for the first time, the Dowager Countess of Lucan is having her say about the greatest British mystery of the 20th Century.
The problem with the name 'Lord Lucan' is that it's just about one of the most infamous names in Britain; in fact it's more than just infamous, it has become a standing joke. On Spitting Image, the Lord Lucan puppet was a regular staple, and I can vividly remember a sketch which had him riding Shergar, the kidnapped race-horse.
George Bingham, the only son of missing peer Lord Lucan, has been granted a death certificate by a High Court judge in London
An application by the only son of missing peer Lord Lucan for a death certificate of his father will be heard by a High Court
Over the years, I have come across many bizarre theories about what might have happened to the 7th Earl of Lucan - and of
Few stories in the world have attracted quite so many crack-pot theories as the fantastical disappearance of Lucky Lord Lucan