lords reform

Let’s break open this private members’ club once and for all, and let the public decide who sits in our second chamber
There is so much to be done to ensure everyone has equal access to politics in the UK. Thankfully, many of the changes won’t take much to implement
Despite legislation to expel those who commit crimes or fail to attend, there are still those who do very little yet continue to collect large pay cheques.
Voters are sick of the Mother of All Parliaments being viewed as a members club for a small elite.  And every time we look at it we find a compelling case for change. Last month the ERS revealed that peers who haven't spoken in the Lords for an entire year have claimed nearly £1.3million in expenses and allowances. That only happens because Lords know there is no redress - there is no way for voters to hold them to account. There is an urgent need for the light of democratic accountability in our upper chamber.
This documentary provides yet more evidence that we urgently need to sort out the House of Lords, and move to a fully-elected chamber where the people who make our laws are elected by the public - and can be kicked out by the public. Let's fix this broken House before the situation gets any worse.
It's fair to say that how constitutional change happens in the UK is something of an oddity. Without a codified constitution, parliamentary democracy stretches and adapts, creaking with new ways of doing things in an increasingly federal set-up.
Brexit Bill or no Brexit Bill - the time is now for sorting out our broken, bloated and archaic second chamber.
So this is your chance to influence the Lords' future. After thousands signed the Mirror's petition in 2015 calling for an end to an unelected upper chamber, we hope you'll use this opportunity so that we can move towards the kind of Parliament that voters expect and deserve.
It's a sad but true fact that, in general, it's not good news that brings the need for Lords reform to the fore in British
There is a groundswell of opinion in the Lords that urgent action needs to be taken to protect the reputation of the House and the valuable work that it does. Experience shows that reform of the Lords is most successful when incremental. Reducing the size of the House is a reform needed most urgently. We should take action now.