Louise Haigh

The pledge will form a central part of the party's election manifesto.
He has been told to "get back to work" and resolve the long-running pay dispute.
The department for transport's own impact assessment warns the plans could lead to more strikes and staffing shortages.
The shadow transport secretary said putting the network in the hands of private companies had been a "failed experiment".
Grant Shapps vowed to bin repetitive rail announcements as part of his "bonfire of banalities".
It is the exact opposite of the approach that should accompany a significant shift in public health strategy during a lethal pandemic, shadow NI secretary Louise Haigh writes.
"On leaving hospital last week I cried all the way home. In part, because of the pain, but mostly because I was furious that I had been so instantly dismissed..."
The Tory politicians who voted for brutal cuts are now claiming they’d like to reverse the damage they caused, shadow policing minister Louise Haigh MP writes.
Owen Paterson claimed a man on the tube told him to "get on with Brexit".