Low Pay Commission

For politicians seeking to raise the pay at the bottom, by all means celebrate those firms that embrace a Living Wage, but don't forget to focus on these structural issues.
If Britain's minimum wage is to live up to New Labour's 1997 promise of delivering millions from in work poverty, change is needed. A starting point would be reforming, rather than ignoring the Low Pay Commission. The system is broken, but the fix is at hand.
The advantages of raising the minimum wage seem to be very clear - motivated staff leading to higher productivity and lower turnover, a lower benefits bill and greater spending power in communities
Nationwide implementation of the living wage would harm employment prospects for the lowest paid and those aiming to join the labour market, stifle any chance of a business led recovery and provide more money for the Treasury, not for hardworking people.
George Osborne has failed to secure an increase in the minimum wage to £7 as it is set to rise to £6.50, despite suggesting