lyme disease

Don't dismiss these symptoms. Here's what to do if you notice them and how to best protect your pup.
Bella Hadid has publicly discussed her struggles with the tick-borne disease on several occasions.
Some of them may surprise you. As the weather heats up, make sure you're staying safe.
The horrible critters can carry Lyme Disease.
Infectious disease experts break down the symptoms to notice following a tick bite — and what to do about it.
“It seriously looked like she had shoved some food in her ear,” Jessica DeLoach told People about the incident, which she documented on TikTok.
Experts have issued a 'stay safe' warning.
The comedian said she's "eager to get rid of it."
Symptoms will often appear the day after being bitten by a tick.
The good news is that if Lyme disease is spotted early, treatment can be effective.