“I present myself as a candidate in the presidential election of July 29,” Keita said on state TV. “I ask you to trust in me again.”
They were mostly from four sub-Saharan countries: Chad, Nigeria, Mali, Ivory Coast.
  As I look back on this year, and reflect upon what’s before us in 2018, I find myself thinking of a number which at first
Importantly, it's development encourages access to culture for all.
Africa is highly anaemic of leadership that understand where it is coming from and where it is going.
“They treated me well. However, you always knew that you were a prisoner."
Intelligence official says 3.5m Euros was paid for his release.
AQIM has released a new proof of life video showing six hostages, including the South African abducted five and a half years ago.
Second man of 'Timbuktu Three' walks free