The company built London’s distinctive red Routemasters when Johnson was mayor of the capital.
'De Lille's victory tells the public nothing about the veracity of the serious claims against her.'
The DA may move for a motion of no confidence in De Lille as a party member.
The court ordered that the party's decision to terminate De Lille's membership was illegal.
The High Court in Cape Town will on Wednesday hand down judgment in the matter between embattled Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille and the DA.
This follows the interruption of water supplies due to debt owed to the water board.
With a backdrop of a government failing to invest in the NHS, the role of the Mayor and the Assembly in influencing healthcare and working to improve Londoners' health is all the more important.
“Other people judge me. What is the difference? I say I’m white,” the Republican told a reporter.
The Johannesburg mayor promised a lot when he was elected.
There are not many better bits of news than being offered a job. But for 81,000 people offered jobs working with children and vulnerable people in London, that joy has been lessened as they wait for months for necessary police checks to take place before starting work.