mean girls

I thought I was a pretty sorted, confident individual who, in my 43 years on this planet, had risen above enough of the Negative Nellies and Debbie Downers who contribute to this hideous animal that is 'The Female Clique.'
'So many things are happening that cause concern.'
'Mean Girls' star Lacey Chabert (a.k.a Gretchen Rubin) has revealed the "bizarre" cravings she's having during her pregnancy
We can all learn a lesson from Mean Girls here: "Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And ruining [someone else's] life definitely didn't make me any happier."
The back-and-forth drama between politicians is unlikely to decrease anytime soon and in the current political climate, perhaps we need all the humour we can get. And who knows-picturing Cameron, Clegg and Miliband setting up their own cafeteria rules and sashaying down a hallway to Missy Elliott might be just what we all need.
Donald Trump's political campaign could read like a page from a high school burn book complete with name-calling the media
If you feel like you have met one of these delightful social treats, you are not alone - I know I certainly have, and recently. When bullied as a child I struggled to process what was wrong, as a grown adult, it left me hollow, shattered and totally paranoid.
STOP EVERYTHING. We've found the best instagram account on the internet. Four words: Mean Girls Art History. Struggling to
Police were called into three high schools after a group of teenagers set up "Burn Book" Twitter accounts - after the name
BINGO! We have the new gay stereotype - the gay man who refuses to conform to a stereotype! How lucky for me to have snared this rarest of beasts. And barely halfway through our first drink. I have two options. I could just let this go, or I could take a tin-opener to that can of worms he's waving in front of me.