Coach hit by fuel tanker when travelling from Mecca.
I've been lucky enough to have been able to perform Hajj eight times.
Roughly 2 million Muslims were expected to go on Hajj this year.
'Our thoughts are with the victims and their families'.
Six Britons have died in a minibus crash in Saudi Arabia, the Foreign Office has said. Those killed had just completed the
It's no secret that relics of Islam's history have been deliberately targeted and destroyed in Saudi Arabia, especially in
At least 717 pilgrims are said to have died during a stampede at the Hajj pilgrimage He said: "I was saddened to hear of
The stampede death toll has surpassed the 2006 tragedy that claimed 360 lives in the same area, but is still a long way off
Amateur video footage depicts the moment a crane fell at Mecca, killing more than a hundred and injuring many more. At least
WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES At least 107 people died on Friday following the collapse of a towering construction crane at the