Medical abortion

A journey that was already difficult and gruelling has become next to impossible in the middle of a global pandemic, writes Nic Murray.
Doctors and midwives called for relaxation of law, but new advice was suddenly withdrawn.
“I am so thankful that the change in the law will allow other women and girls to deal with matters like this privately in their own family circle.”
A estimated one in three women will have an abortion by the time they reach 45.
Women in England will be able to take abortion pills at home by the end of the year.
Women can begin to miscarry on their way home from clinics, under current regulations.
Pressure is building on the government to offer the same rights to those in England.
Abortion is not the product of a new relatively sexually liberated society. It is the product of a powerful age-old desire to be the master of your own life
Shaming social policies inflict severe harms - together we can change our culture to bring about a more compassionate, caring, and just Ireland
"We should all be concerned when our government forces doctors to recommend an experimental therapy," a doctor said.