Men In Black

Hooray!! Pop cupcake Cheryl is back post January AND she's got a new video! Yes the best hair and dimples on telly and the rest of Mrs Ferdenez- Versini (I spelt that without looking it up) has a new single and it's called Only Human. Chezza really likes saying Only Human as it's also the title of her album, it also means there's less to remember.
Will Smith became the Fresh Prince of Brixton on Thursday morning as the US actor went on a walkabout with former culture
Will Smith is expected to slip on a dark suit and shades for another installment of Men In Black, according to film bosses
The last time Barry Sonnenfield directed Will Smith, in the averagely-received Men in Black sequel, he was pretty successful
Films with black leads and supporting white casts might violate the unconscious expectations of critics. In previous decades the majority of black performers cast in movies were seen in subservient or stereotypical roles. Only in the last 10 years have black artists made progress in the variety of roles available.
Will Smith lost his cool at the Russian premiere of his Men in Black 3 film in Moscow on Friday when a male reporter attempted
Will Smith was left red-faced after his son asked U.S president Barack Obama if aliens are real during a visit to the White
Nicole Scherzinger doesn't look like she gives a toot's hoot about the fact Britney Spears has just replaced her on The X
Men in Black are back... for a third outing. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones team up with Josh Brolin for more adventures
Meet 'Barnold'. 'Barnold' isn't Barnold's real name - his actual name is Andrew - but when you're this good at dancing (and