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In a survey of 2,100 men, one in 10 said they’d experienced suicidal thoughts because of body image issues.
It's "better to say something that feels awkward than to stay silent", says the Mental Health Foundation.
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Foster Care Fortnight and Mental Health Awareness Week don't consider each other - but they should
No one with cancer and experiencing mental health problems should be left to deal with them on their own.
This week the Mental Health Foundation published a report showing how young women and girls have slipped down the policy
So why are the Midlands bucking the trend? What is happening in these areas that is stopping people reaching the levels of distress and despair that leads them to take their lives? These differences are a reminder to us that effective action can be taken at local level to prevent suicide.
Today we are aware of so many examples of employers that have taken steps to address mental health across the business, with outstanding examples such as KPMG, who this week are rolling out mental health awareness week across their UK business. We must celebrate good practice, and continue to act to address discrimination on mental health grounds, enabling people to be authentic at work.
The truth that Blue Monday gives us an opportunity to talk about is that we all have mental health and that there are steps we can take all year round to protect it. The major risk factors for mental ill-health, poverty, trauma, loneliness, ongoing stress and physical ill-health, are not confined to one day, let alone one month.