mental health issues

This is a story about the feelings I had while reading Dodie's Secret for the Mad. But it's also about how blogging, and writing about your mental health can help you process.
Providing better information and reframing the narrow and simplistic picture that minority-producing statistics create will empower everyone to reflect on the wide-ranging impact of mental ill health and poor wellbeing in their own lives and others'. Subtly but surely, it will increase mental health campaigners' momentum, and most importantly, bring mental health that little bit closer to parity of esteem.
November always makes me feel like a failure. Not only am I incapable of, and not terribly well disposed towards, growing a moustache to make it a charitable #Movember, but then #NANOWRIMO pokes up its clever, superior little head and makes me feel bad about my attempts to write as well.
My demon is really not nice - hence the name. He does enjoy tormenting me, ridiculing me and reminding me of all the awful things that have happened in my past. He convinces me that I am a terrible person.
Last week's news from the BBC highlights just how dire the situation has become here in the UK when it comes to mental health
Followers would constantly ask me how I got to be so comfortable in my own skin. Which of course, to an extent, I am. But what they wouldn't see, beyond the posts and the hashtags, were my anxiety attacks. The physical pain that the thought of leaving my bedroom would bring.
Research published this year suggests that bouldering - rock climbing on artificial walls without a harness - is effective in fighting depression. After eight weeks of introductory climbing, symptoms of depression significantly decrease in adults.
The Prime Minister has stated her intention to tackle the 'burning injustices' in our society with wide-ranging social reforms. Any progress made among minority and marginalised groups with severe and chronic mental illnesses would serve her well as a measure of her success in mental health. However, to achieve this, more of the government's well-meaning words and intentions need to become actions - sooner rather than later.
Supporting employees' mental wellbeing is a critical business issue for organisations, but it's hard to know where to start
Chaise longue are old hat in psychology now, Minecraft and Pokémon Go are in. I'm not being facetious, gaming is now a genuine, credible avenue for exploring new approaches to mental health.