Pride "showed me that I could have a happy future," writes Jamie Jewkes.
The charity has now launched a "fightback fund" after its staff allegedly faced "intolerable abuse".
More than 300 trans people have been murdered so far this year. In their own words, two activists share what today means to the community.
Meet the hundreds of mermaids, mermen and merbabies who washed up on a beach to set a new world record!
life less ordinary bannerFor years my passion for mermaids was still very vivid and manifested itself in a great collection of books, movies, artwork, figurines as well as historical and mythological stories. Mermaids were still one of my favourite motifs to draw when I went to art school, so I was known as the mermaid among my classmates and teachers. Even when I studied at university to become a teacher I made use of my passion for mermaids academically and wrote an essay on mermaids with a linguistic approach. Then it finally happened; I got to embody a mermaid physically. 2012 was the year I bought my first tail.
Mermaids is a highly valued charity that offers specialist advice and support to trans people and their families and we hope it will continue to be able to perform this vital role.No parent wants to make the difficulties of growing up any harder for their child and sadly society does not yet fully respect the rights of trans people.
This date was perfect. As I let my eyes roam over his beautifully lined and whiskered face, warmth radiated in the depths of my stomach despite our chilly rendezvous location. His size made me feel tiny but in no way vulnerable.
I think we can safely say that I never expected to see a mermaid fossil at the Science Museum. Nor photographs of a snake with legs or a flying monkey with a unicorn's horn. But welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Joan Fontcuberta and the new Stranger than Fiction exhibition of his work.