Three scientists are attempting to better understand methane so that its prevalence in the atmosphere can be reduced. There has been a rise of methane levels in the last decade, and although it is less prevalent than CO2, it can be more destructive than carbon dioxide.
They might be small, but they are proving to be mighty, as scientists have discovered a breed of microbes living in Antarctic
It could undermine progress made to curb other greenhouse gas emissions.
Methane gas emissions are growing faster now than at any time in the last two decades, threatening efforts to limit global
So if natural gas is the wrong fuel to use to halt climate change, why on earth does this government want to frack Britain to extract it? Why is this government so fixated with the extractive industries? Why not strongly support the truly safe, sustainable, jobs-rich renewable energy industries?
NASA may have finally found direct evidence for life on Mars. Critical 'spikes' in methane gas - an organic chemical thought
Methane gas produced by 90 farting and belching cows caused an explosion in a German dairy farm, blowing the roof off and
Sometimes when the stars align in just the correct manner something like this will happen. An extraordinary piece of timing
Global warming isn't the fictional bogey man many once thought it to be and its effects go way beyond marooning polar bears on melting icebergs. The methane (noisily) produced by livestock is 20 times more deleterious as a greenhouse gas than C02, which makes meat production the second most damaging source of greenhouse gases in the world.