Michael Foot

'I’ve got a smile on my face and so has he'
Labour MP Mary Creagh, who was also a guest on the programme, challenged Gove over whether it was acceptable for him to act
For friends of Jeremy Corbyn, it's the laziest criticism you can level at the Labour leader: that he's 'the new Michael Foot'.. And yet, it may well be 1982 and the Falklands that are again cited this May when Labour's English council election results slowly emerge through the night. For Corbyn's very first national test at the ballot box could see something not seen since those days of Goose Green, the Belgrano and Port Stanley: Labour failing to make gains in council seats.
Today the Labour Party is facing something of a crisis. It has been caused by the scale of the defeat, and by the subsequent leadership election. How this plays out will be a matter for history, as it was for Foot's leadership.
Perhaps the damage Blair did to the Labour Party is irreparable, but to the blue streak running through it this is an invitation to either get out of politics or switch allegiances. I don't like coalition governments and I don't like you. We need a real, leftist Labour Party again.
'Spitting Image' last month celebrated its 30th birthday, and tonight 'Arena' traces how it began, and where those celebrated
Nick Clegg may feel rightly aggrieved that a coalition he continues to see as courageous and necessary - for both his party and the country at large - now seems to be an unheralded disaster.
Labour is, depending on who you ask, old, new, purple, blue, divided, united and refounded. Seventy-five days after becoming