ministry of justice

The Ministry of Justice was accused of "perpetuating a negative ethnic stereotype".
The advert features a white prison officer and a Black prisoner.
The Ministry of Justice said the decision was made in a bid to prevent homelessness and to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.
It also said it was launching the project to support the construction industry.
Government to review "pro-contact culture" after panel finds abusers use court system to "bully" victims.
Ministry of Justice says the temporary measure will protect inmates and their unborn children.
Exclusive: Neither Ministry of Justice nor Crown Prosecution Service held figures for chanting or violence that weren't mixed in with non-racist incidents.
The Ministry of Justice is reviewing the license conditions of around 70 terrorists released from prison as 34-year-old man was arrested.
National Probation Service will take over management of low and medium-risk cases.
The prison returns to public control after being beset with problems including extreme violence.