Following the 20th anniversary of their debut hit, we salute the Black British girl group who paved the way in the face of adversity.
Let's just say you should keep an eye on the 'BGT' live shows...
Alesha Dixon has been teasing fans with the idea of a Mis-Teeq reunion for months now, but it seems there could be a surprise
Alesha Dixon has given us a much-needed update on those Mis-Teeq reunion rumours, confirming what we all hoped: talks are
Alesha Dixon has sparked a buzz among her fans, with an Instagram post, hinting that a Mis-Teeq reunion could be on the cards
This year we’ve seen tantrums, tears and - best of all - Tito Jackson taking off his belt, but unfortunately, it’s almost
We're not even half way through January and already 2013 is set to be the year of music comebacks.