Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise is in London, and he's been caught on camera doing something we've all been through at some point - nearly getting
Tom Cruise is used to performing his fair share of dangerous stunts in the 'Mission Impossible' films, but he faced one of
Altogether now: *flurry of violins* dun dun DUN DUN, dun dun DUN DUN, dun dun DUN DUN, dun dun DUN DUN, DUNNER NERRRR! DUNNER
Rock of Ages may well be the film to bring Tom Cruise a little gold statuette come next Awards season. He's missed out three
Tom Cruise is having a busy week, even by his usual high-achieving standards. The Mission Impossible star was in London at
“It’s a nice way of saying I’m not Tom Cruise, which I’m perfectly fine with.” Simon Pegg is reflecting on the tag of “everyman
Imagine you are looking at an eight-storey building, on the first floor somebody is waving at you but on the sixth floor somebody is also waving at you, then suddenly someone pops up on the third floor too and then there is a polar bear on the eighth floor doing the macarena! That's what watching a film on IMAX is like.
"So Tom's been running around the building the whole time, and I thought 'I can do this.'" Throwing yourself out of the world's
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise stepped out for the latest Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol premiere in New York last night
Tom Cruise, star of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, which opens on the 21st December, took a break from post-production