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The BlackBerry/RIM network was down again this afternoon for the second day running and angry customers turned to Twitter
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Apple says first-day pre-orders of the iPhone 4S topped a million, breaking the record set by last year's
Chiropractors are seeing a rise in a new condition dubbed "Text Neck" as those who spend time regularly hunched over their
Following the release of the new Apple iPhone 4S two days ago, Apple fans have been hanging out for pricing. The carriers
'Unwatchable' launched last week - a short film I directed exposing the connection between people in the UK and rape in the Congo. We expected it to be provocative, and from the visceral reaction, it seems to be doing its job.
The problem in 2011 is that there are more bleeps from more devices in the average geek's life. Somehow, we've dived headlong into a notification culture, where we have to know now, Now, NOW! about incoming tweets, comments, likes, check-ins, instant messages, emails...
Ofcom has banned rollover contracts, which currently tie landline and broadband customers into repeated minimum contract
Still making calls on an iPhone 4? Sorry to hear it. The new batch of seriously covetable phones is much more deluxe, including
Are you reading this on your iPad, bargain basement Touchpad or Asus Eee? Well, if you are, then you may just about be on
In results that will not surprise UK mobile phone users, the BBC's 3G mobile phone reception mapping project has revealed