money management

A lot of us are feeling the squeeze after lockdown and not being entirely out of the pandemic. We spoke to an expert on ways to get out of debt, save hard and how to plan that emergency cushion.
Promotions and raises in income have the tendency to bring about new spending and costs.
As Christmas fast approaches and more than 3 million people get set to head to the airports, they can expect to see a sudden price surge of 24% in flight costs due to recent airline collapses. With money tight around the Christmas period, everyone will be looking for ways to save on their flights.
Living frugally and being strict about spending money is tough. And when you do go to spend a chunk of money there are strange feelings that go with it. There is the guilt over spending a significant chunk of money on things. There is anger at any money being wasted or things being broken by the children.
The holiday season is fast approaching and everyone will soon be stressing over expensive packages, currency transfers and getting to the gate on time.
Looking down at people on benefits is unhelpful. It's counterproductive, mean and unnecessary. What families on benefits need right now, in this changing world is love, support and a chance.
This month marks the second anniversary of the inclusion of financial literacy on the national curriculum in England. Following years of campaigning, a petition signed by 118,000 people, and a parliamentary debate, the change to the syllabus was introduced in September 2014. Two years on, and there is still much to be done.
Money management skills shouldn't be learnt in adulthood or when you're already up to your eyeballs in debt, it should be taught when you're a child and the earlier the better!
It’s payday. Time to splash out, you owe it to yourself after the week you’ve had eking out the last paycheque. If this sounds