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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has released their list of the most controversial ads of the past year. A total of 29,997 complaints were received. All of the adverts in the top ten had one common thread – they were all challenged on the grounds of offence. In response to complaints reported in the media, two ads were quickly removed by the advertisers (Dove and McDonald’s) without the need for further ASA action.
My, they are a fussy lot... (Video made for HuffPost UK Comedy by David Beresford and David Schneider.)
We're so, so sorry you can't unsee this... (Video made for HuffPost UK Comedy by Handface and David Schneider, featuring
The Big Six energy giants have been accused of "getting away with green murder" as only two providers, British Gas and SSE
The cost of going to university will leave you more than £75,000 out of pocket, research has revealed. A survey published has announced a new partnership with to offer customers new way of searching for a job. The
Home owners in Stoke Newington in north London are the most likely to have made a claim for theft or burglary on their home
Britons have little spare income left to handle spiralling living costs and increased food prices after paying off debts