Misinformation about the viral disease is everywhere. Here are the real facts you should know, from how it spreads to who is at risk.
Both share a common symptom: lumps on your bits.
The virus, which has spread to all 50 states, is generally not life-threatening. The Houston-area man who died was severely immunocompromised, local officials said.
The UK's leading health body has confirmed it's running out of the vaccine, just as cases start to plateau.
“Our findings should prompt debate on the need to isolate pets from monkeypox virus-positive individuals,” researchers wrote.
Patients and campaigners want the government to treat the outbreak as a public health emergency.
Ministers told virus is causing "causing real fear and anxiety".
Never say never, but for now, it's mostly spreading through physical and sexual contact in the UK.
As monkeypox is declared a global health emergency, there are calls for it be classed as an STI.