month of kinship

Despite most of us having family and friends that we love, some of them - even with the best intentions - say some pretty
Take a female denialist and a guy who's too chicken to tell her how he feels, and you have the age-old conundrum of "are
Arranging to meet friends, the older you get, becomes less about spontaneity and more about 'let me check my diary' and settling
The wonderful, yet slightly disconcerting thing about best female friends is that they often know us better than ourselves
In a world where it’s considered perfectly acceptable to have several hundred ‘friends’ on Facebook, it is more important
Studies show, statistically if you have been friends for seven years it is likely to last a lifetime. Yet, I'm a different person to who I was at 21 and some of the people I knocked around with then aren't here today. That statistic doesn't always bode true with me.
Strictly platonic male friendships can be somewhat of a challenge once you leave university and move onto long-term relationships
From the impenetrable bond of Sex & The City’s Carrie and co to the bitching, bullying and backstabbing of the real-life
As young parents frantically balance work and family life, new research suggests that allowing friendships to fall by the
I have had some real friendship tests recently. In Paris you meet many expats who then go back home. Perhaps I am calling into my life these wandering minstrels to teach me to deal with change or I am attracted to foreign cultures. Either way it has been a learning curve.