Morecambe Bay

It is feared such a group could be behind the 39 people found dead in Essex this week.
As the campaign trail enters its final week, it is worth looking back at the manifestos released by our political parties and reflecting on what this election means for local places and people. The manifestos from the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Conservatives all examined inequality and there was a clear sense that too many people and places are being left behind in today's economy.
I said at the time of the Morecambe Bay tragedy that a life is a life. We must ask ourselves: how would we feel if our brothers, our sisters or our children were in this position abroad, in a country they did not understand. Would we expect their hosts to sit back and watch it happen?
Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham denied putting pressure on the health watchdog to play down concerns over a scandal
Around 3,000 patients died needlessly last year as a result of poor care, and nearly half a million were harmed unnecessarily
Police have been asked to launch an investigation into the allegations of a cover-up at the health regulator, it has emerged
From the loveliness of our coastlines to the fabulous fields of the countryside, this country has much to offer - to visitors and residents alike. I only recently realised that I haven't seen nearly enough of it, spending my time travelling abroad more than I have around my home nation.
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