Drugs cartel blamed for "massacre" which family member claim was targetted.
*Callie Vandewiele [2014] is doing a PhD in Latin American Studies and was born in Utah. Picture: "Execution of John D. Lee
NEW YORK -- The Mormon Church has ended more than 200 years of deceit by admitting that its leader and prophet had 40 wives
A hotel chain has launched an ad campaign celebrating inclusion and welcoming LGBT travellers. Marriot International enlisted
Jimmy Osmond has revealed he has no desire to watch the award-winning musical 'The Book of Mormon'. Jimmy, along with his
The head of the Mormon church in the US has been summoned to appear at a British magistrates' court on suspicion of fraud
Four gay men are suing an organisation which promised to "cure" their homosexuality when they were teenagers. Jews Offering
I could write pages and pages on Romney but it's there for you to find on the internet. It's not hidden away. He's a clear and present danger.
Mormon missionaries in the UK could rapidly increase in number, as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced
Muslims, pagans and members of Christian sects such as Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses are most likely to experience "substantial