There's a "worrying" variation in treatment and quality-of-life care provided to men diagnosed with prostate cancer, according
Three out of four suicides in the UK are men. Every two hours somewhere across the UK a man will take his life. It is about time we started to address this. It is a complex issue but we want to bring it out of the shadows, strip down the stigmas that surround this challenge and start to look at it from a gendered and male perspective. At Movember, we believe that by applying a male lens on men's mental health issues, we will be better able to support men in seeking help and treatment earlier.
It's a devastatingly harsh condition to live with and one that leads to severe isolation, especially in my experience, for men. We often struggle to talk about our feelings and often when I've explained my circumstances, people simply don't know what to say.
Movember may have started off with a focus on prostate and testicular cancer, but over the years, the charity has noticed
Fighting cancer doesn't stop after remission. Not only must prostate cancer survivors adapt to post-treatment side-effects such as weight gain, sexual difficulties and depression, there is a wider and more serious trend that survivors are often blind to.
Bad news for those who married their childhood sweetheart and never strayed, but great news for those who have been pilloried
Prog style was a visual reflection of the music. An eclectic, over-the-top, mind-expanding mix of historical and future influences, it blended science fiction/fantasy, surrealist art and the penetrative psychiatry of R D Laing.
Why are people angry that women who've posted have received 'natural beauty' acclamations from friends and strangers? Personally I think if women want to congratulate one another on their collective natural beauty this can only be a step in the right direction of mutual support and love
From then, each month now has a designated charity aim, with January's 'dryathalon' all the way to 'Stoptober'. Alongside these, people will be engaging in so-called fun runs and comedy nights across the country. What's wrong with that? It's all for a good cause, they say as they proffer their jangling buckets.
The winner of the first series of 'The Apprentice', Tim Campbell, has revealed he battled testicular cancer last month. The