New rules have come into force, extending the number of places most people need to wear a face covering.
Given the size he was, she had to settle for cuddling one leg.
The artistsrecognise the crucially important role that museums play and want them to do so untainted and uncompromised
Parliament should look into allegations of corruption – denied by Ace Magashule – in the delayed building of a museum in Brandfort.
If anything, we should be holding the British Museum to a higher standard than other institutions on cultural sensitivity. It is, after all, meant to be an institution promoting learning and an awareness of cultural heritage.
Like strolling through a museum, or racing each other up a climbing wall.
This progress has underpinned an ever more knowledgeable population; people are becoming more informed about their health conditions, chronic and acute, and about how to stay healthy in the first place. There are clear signs of a shift in the relationship between individuals and their health care professionals
Today, our hope that the majority chooses exclusively peace is still stronger than our fear of naivete. One war is more than enough for a lifetime, and we hope to provide a peaceful childhood for our offspring. The War Childhood Museum's message comes from a generation that learned this lesson firsthand, and never has it rung truer: peace has no alternative.
For a small town of fewer than 6,000 people, there's a lot to do in Taos, New Mexico. Attractions range from the ancient Pueblo of Native American dwellings to futuristic Earthship homes. For culture lovers there are several fine museums, along with modern art galleries.