Muslim world

Saudi Arabia has barred international visitors to Mecca – and for some, the missed chance is heartbreaking.
Social media users immediately pointed to her father's ban on visitors from Muslim-majority countries.
What would it take for a head of state in the Muslim world to challenge Chinese President Xi Jinping on the condition of Uighur Muslims?
“It’s beautiful to see how two people’s hate brought together hundreds of people in love,” said the mosque’s office manager.
Islam is quite literally the Arabic word for peace
Unknown former police officer Henry Bolton is Ukip’s new leader, beating anti-Islam activists Anne Marie Waters into second
Most of the countries on the new list are still Muslim-majority, said Becca Heller, IRAP’s director.
A new law allows Muslim women to marry outside the faith, just like their male counterparts.
Right-wing terror is real, and it’s a problem.