My Story

Kim Smith was on holiday in Spain in 2017 when she developed life-changing sepsis.
Corinne Card was in the bath when she reached down and felt what she thought was her baby's head...
When Rylae-Ann was three months old, we saw signs that all was not right.
Maura Jackson appeared on Channel 4's Naked Education to discuss menopause. Little did she know it would open up crucial dialogue with her eldest grandchild.
Kat Clark recalls how she went from feeling barely anything to experiencing racehorse surges: "It felt like I’d stolen a Ferrari and gone from 0-100 in five seconds without any warm-up."
Kameese Davis, 40, knew things needed to change in the care system. So she took matters into her own hands.
Marina Magdalena wanted her neurodiverse daughter to have a relatable female role model in fiction – so she created one.
Carol-Ann Reid always knew she'd end up having twins. But it still didn't prepare her for the shock – and guilt – of finding out she was carrying two babies.
"My husband was panicking because he knew that when you’ve got a heart-shaped womb, carrying one baby is difficult, let alone two."
"It was agonising to watch as my brother, who could once run 12 miles carrying a large military rucksack, now struggled to walk 10 feet from his bedroom to the bathroom."