Narendra Modi

The Indian prime minister will attend the consecration of a grand Hindu temple at the same site on Monday.
Boris Johnson set a deadline of October last year for the agreement to be struck.
“The fact that they continue to whitewash him by giving them a platform is very worrying,” said one human rights activist.
The Indian government has dismissed the series, which is critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's role in the 2002 Gujarat riots, as "propaganda."
A second Trump win could empower right-wing figures in Europe.
London builds a temporary field hospital, India has announced a lockdown for its 1.3 billion population, the Olympic and Paralympic Games are finally postponed and the US Senate has agreed a $2 trillion economic rescue plan, as infections each over 400,000 globally.
More than 20 people have been killed in violence that may have been timed to coincide with Trump’s visit to India.
Besides tagging along with dad and posing for photos.
Many of the victims were labourers sleeping above the factory, according to local media reports.
Brazil's President Bolsonaro is set to be the chief guest at India's Republic Day Parade in 2020.