Wallace is the only Black driver in the sport's top level and called for the Confederate flag to be banned from races earlier this month.
In a series of tweets, the US president argued the bases have become part of a "Great American Heritage".
US NASCAR driver Tony Stewart struck and killed a sprint car driver who was walking on a dirt track during a race in upstate
Hoorah! It's more brilliance from the king of Bad British Commentary, the one and only Anthony Richardson. This time, he's
"No close-ups! No close-ups! I'm a NASCAR driver!" Well, who isn't when they're 15 and feeling a little woozy after an operation
A crash in a US Nascar race injured 28 spectators after a flaming multi-car smash up sent debris including a tyre hurtling
This may come as a bit of a controversial declaration but I believe the United States Grand Prix in Austin should be the season-ending race for Formula One.
Use it in the right way and not only can a team effect positive change but can help drive their business forward - because what you give to the community, the community will give back.
NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski grabbed his phone and began tweeting to his followers. Nothing unusual. Except he was inside
Let's face it, times are tough. The economic situation has just about every corner of life reeling with uncertainty and motor
While the following information isn't much of a secret or big strategic initiative, it sometimes seems like it is when you juxtapose it with what formula One is currently doing to promote itself.