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Gay men are already a socially marginalised and stigmatised group – their health can no longer continue to be sacrificed, National Aids Trust's Yusef Azad writes
A long-term condition framework for understanding HIV is not yet fully embedded within the thinking of the general public, the media, politicians - or our NHS. The framing of HIV as a long-term condition has not replaced the dominant image of HIV as a serious, communicable disease, which is ultimately fatal but for the constant innovation of medical science.
There's been jubilation in the HIV community about our landmark win this week. The Court of Appeal upheld the High Court's judgment that NHS England has the legal power to pay for PrEP, an HIV prevention drug. But what does this actually mean? Will PrEP now be available in sexual health clinics for those at risk of HIV?
PrEP is exciting, new, and currently, unique. It is not a vaccine, although it has a similar impact. We can draw comparisons to statins, in terms of preventing illness, or contraception, in terms of preventing unwanted consequences of sex. But actually, there is nothing quite like it. It is the definition of healthcare innovation. The NHS should be falling over itself to get the benefits, which makes today's response all the more regrettable.
The Minister says in the letter she will 'carefully consider' updating the official guidance on SRE that was published 15 years ago. But even they can make this meet the needs of LGBT young people, not all schools have to use it.
Once back in England I met a great guy on a night out. On our second date he disclosed that he was HIV positive... This person educated me. I learned the science behind HIV and this knowledge freed me from the fear that I'd harboured before. More importantly for me though was the openness: when it was relevant, he shared his status, and with his consent, I did the same. What began as cathartic became educational. It was amazing how little people knew!
While in theory, it sounds like a dream job for any gay journo to spend a week locked in the studio as a parade of ripped, chiseled, gay and straight bodies trail in and out, the reality is that it's bloody hard work. No, honestly.
Two men with long-term HIV appear to be free of the disease after they received bone-marrow transplants. There has been no
Many gay men and women still continue to suffer discrimination and prejudice in their lives. Banning same sex couples from marriage endorses this discrimination and sends out a clear message that same sex relationships aren't equal to opposite sex couples.
Legal in the US for some time now, the self-test kit has been a focus of some controversy in the UK, and has been illegal for many years. You are, though, allowed to sample your own blood at home, and then send it off to an accredited laboratory (privately, of course).
The latest Health Protection Agency (HPA) figures show there were an estimated 3,010 new diagnoses among gay men in 2011 - the highest annual figure since records began. Nearly a quarter of people with HIV (24%) remain unaware of their infection and the proportion of late diagnoses (indicating people have been infected for over five years) remains worryingly high at 47%.
A team of Zimbabwean MPs are getting circumcised as part of a campaign to reduce AIDS and HIV cases. A small makeshift clinic