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John Profumo, the Tory minister forced to quit after a notorious 1960s sex scandal, also had a long-running relationship
"I have only been queer since I came to London... before then I knew nothing about it" This surprisingly open expression
Oliver Letwin, who blamed 'bad moral attitudes' for a series of devastating riots which erupted in predominantly black inner
Newly released documents have revealed government officials considered moving the entire population of Hong Kong to Northern
The '60s was a time of social revolution, from the Summer of Love to Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Of course none of
MI5 has published top secret files revealing that celebrated children's author Arthur Ransome was suspected of being a Russian
Firefighters have tackled a blaze at the National Archives, home to some of the UK's most important historical documents
Modern Britons are being offered an insight into the nefarious acts of Victorian villains for the first time on Wednesday
An interactive map of every recorded bomb site during World War II has taken the web by storm. Bomb Sight is a website and