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The Duke of Sussex met with young people from across the Commonwealth at a roundtable event in Lancaster House on 30 January 2019. On the agenda were topics ranging from youth unemployment to environmental issues - a subject close to the father-to-be’s heart.
'My only longing is to serve the LGBTQ community in whatever way I’m meant to.'
Andrew Garfield has set the record straight about comments he made about being “a gay man right now, just without the physical
As Pride approaches it becomes all too achingly clear that once again there's a lot more 'G' than LBT+ in the marketing, the events and in the coverage. This isn't new: the invisibly of queer, lesbian and trans women as well as trans men and the non-binary community is ongoing, and certainly a battle to be fought.
The text has always been a painful exploration of the destructive potential of intense passion. But Carrie Cracknell's beautiful and revolutionary production has turned it into something altogether more devastating; here, Hester's desire to die is induced by the fact that she is a woman who cannot be contained by the time in which she was born.
Rather a lot of actors have got their doublets and hose in a twist about the changes to the Drama GCSE syllabus and have
I spoke to Gillian Slovo who wrote the play and asked her why (since most of the play is set in England) she had trouble finding British families whose loved ones went to join IS, but found Belgian families more willing to talk.
His play People Places and Things is taking the West End by storm.
When People Places and Things opened in the West End last week, it didn’t do so quietly.   After selling out the National
If Cleansed has crossed your radar and you're not a nerdy stage-botherer on the regs like me, it's probably because of the news stories about walkouts and people fainting in the theatre. Or it might be because you're aware of the fact that Kane killed herself at the age of 28. But the sensationalism around her work is white noise.