natural hair

The way society makes out, you’d be forgiven for thinking going grey was the death knell to having decent hair Ever Again
The sun’s UV rays can damage the hair, leading to rough, brittle lengths and split ends – particularly if it’s colour treated
Blow-drying, backcombing, colouring, curling, highlighting, hot-ironing… in the quest for great hair, we certainly know how
 4. Or compares you to Julia Roberts at that red carpet premiere.  5. You save at least £30 a month and can afford to buy
'I aim to make sure she knows to love herself.'
A father and daughter have been taking over Instagram with their stunning natural hair. New York artist Benny Harlem shares
'If I’ve handed off courage to wear your natural tresses, I am honoured.'
Whitty added that she "had a vision" for her wedding ceremony on 11 June 2016. "In the end I have to say everything exceeded