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Her doll face and Bond girl style are staples of Hollywood’s It Girl tribe, but when it comes to beauty and style Teigen
In many countries, rye flour was used as a natural shampoo long before the invention of conventional shampoos. Indeed, it is one of the most traditional ways of washing hair alongside kefir, eggs, soapnuts, and some other natural remedies.
A visit to a hair salon was a day out of my schedule. I often arrived in the morning with my daughter and left when it was dark. Black women take great pride in their hair and the hairstyles are often complex, which may account for the time spent in hair salons.
Just stop it, please. It's tired and pretty annoying.
We love Rita Ora’s ever-changing hair.  While many of us are stuck in a style rut, she’s never afraid to switch things up
We asked a group of women how much they spend keeping their natural hair up. The amounts are staggering.
Lento yobugqi nenwele iye ibhide nabantu abathi banolwazi oluphangaleleyo ngalomba, kwaye amandla obugqi ahluka-hlukene.
We asked women from the general public to hair professionals if they thought that some natural hair looks were more coveted than others.
Both big and small brands are cashing in on curls and coils.