Natural Phenomena

Temperatures in Scotland plunged to their coldest level in 25 years – but "weather is not the same as climate".
Torrential rain is also expected to affect many parts of the country.
As large swathes of the country were blanketed in heavy snow.
Yellow weather warnings in place after dozens of care home residents were rescued from flooding across northern England.
Mild flooding also occurred at a pharmaceutical plant manufacturing the Oxford/ AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, but disruption was averted.
Torrential rain and melting snow will make for a “volatile situation” in parts of northern England, as some councils prepare for evacuations.
As the world turned to face Covid, dozens of extreme weather events wrought havoc on our planet.
Delta is the tenth named storm to hit the US this year, the highest number for more than a century.
The Bedfordshire town was hit by a magnitude three tremor on Tuesday morning.
The state is currently in the grip of a brutal heat wave.