If you believe that protesting Nazis is too radical a position, take a long, hard look in the mirror
Symbols, like words, communicate meanings. As such, they are hardly ever "just objects" -- they are the bearer of meanings.
In the USA, white supremacy and the brutality of the alt-right and Nazis are on the rise.
We have learned our history. We do not have the excuse that we are uneducated or uninformed. We have learned the dangers of an extremist far right ideology, we have learned the consequences of Nazism, of radical expansionist Nationalism. We have learned what happens when human beings are dehumanised and abused.
From fashion to fast food, Thailand has a real fixation with Hitler and Nazism! For most people the idea of wearing a T-shirt
"We must exterminate these people (homosexuals) root and branch... We can't permit such danger to the country; the homosexual must be entirely eliminated." With these chilling words, the head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, set out the Nazi master plan for the sexual cleansing of the Aryan race. From 1933-1945, an estimated 50,000 to 100,000 men were arrested under paragraph 175 for the crime of homosexuality. Some were tried and sentenced in the courts; others were sent direct to concentration camps without any trial or formal sentence. The death rate of gay prisoners in the camps was over 50%, the highest among non-Jewish victims.
LGBTQ people, Roma and priests were among those murdered in concentration camps.
This morning I woke up to a brilliantly sunny day here in Vilnius, Lithuania, and for the first time I can remember, I cursed the good weather. That is because I am in the Lithuanian capital to protest against today's neo-Nazi/ultranationalist march, one which is a stark reminder of the dark days of the Holocaust in this country...
UPDATE: Yasmin Qureshi has apologised for any offence caused: “The debate was about the plight of the Palestinian people
For the world’s last remaining Nazi hunters, the next few years could be very busy indeed. After a thirty-year career, Dr
A modern version of Richard Wagner’s Tannhauser has been cancelled after members of the opening night audience were left
Whilst it is true that a handful of Ukip candidates have caused us embarrassment, others have been quite unfairly traduced. After the election I will go into details of false allegations and the downright intimidation that has happened to some of our good people.
We know this: that all art is the product of the modern human brain with its beginnings, over 100,000 years ago, in Africa. There, our species Homo sapiens sapiens evolved before spreading out around the globe to become the most successful animal ever. Those who migrated to the icy lands of Europe encountered Neanderthal people who, having evolved there over such a long period, had probably developed fair skin. The dark skinned, fully modern migrants who interbred with them produced the first figurative art in Europe. They themselves, in turn, gradually became fairer as they adapted to life at higher latitudes. Those are the facts. This is fiction: 'Race'.
The last surviving plotter involved in the plan to kill Adolf Hitler has died aged 90. Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist, who originally
I am two thirds of the way through a harrowing book, Savage Continent by Keith Lowe. I urge you all to read it over the next twelve months, but not until after Christmas. There is no need for you to upset yourselves until then.
A 1943 scheme by Nazi Germany to assassinate Winston Churchill through an explosive bar of chocolate has been uncovered nearly
The girls wear 'smiley' Hitler face T-shirts in 2005 They earned a dubious fame in 2003 with their white power band Prussian
Nazis are on the move in Europe. This is not ancient history. Just a few days ago approximately 1,500 Latvians paid tribute to soldiers who fought in Nazi Germany's Waffen SS divisions. The counter-protest held that day was small in comparison.
Galliano's outburst was not about shocking it was about his place in the fashion 'master-race' and its utter disdain for the Everywoman.