Escaping into this fantasy won't free you from a toxic job. Here's what will.
Co-working spaces have seen a rise in bookings. Are they the perfect balance of flexibility and office life?
This is not the time to be too clever or cute.
The sisterhood every woman needs to succeed
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Manual and repetitive tasks are being automated and outsourced to robots, therefore, where does that put human labour and expertise?
To really get the most out of networking, you have to make it a routine because the more you network, the more you uncover more tips that work. To round it up, networking is never an option for a business venture that wants to succeed in this age, but a prerequisite. Inculcate the networking tips above to watch your brand soar.
Set Goals - What are you aiming for? What does your idea of success look like? If you don't normally set goals or if the ones you do set aren't purposeful, actionable and measurable then that's the very first thing you need to do.
Ever since I went freelance, it made me feel uncomfortable. Technically, I was designing websites and logos and less sexy materials like annoying online ads (sorry about that) but I didn't want to talk about that.
Squad Goals isn't just for millennials. The people you surround yourself with matter. They have the power to support you, stretch you and drive you to success.  My squad is full of interesting and inspiring people, and it grows every day. I suggest you find a squad that does the same. 
Fake it until you make it - you might feel like you're going to throw up but think like an actress who is playing a part and go for it. Faking confidence actually makes you feel more confident and the more you do something, the less scary it seems. It also has the added benefit of meaning you'll get the job done!