New York City Police Department

A cousin of Ray Wood, a former undercover police officer, shared a confession letter in which Wood said that the agencies facilitated the assassination.
Police seek the woman who attacked the son of musician Keyon Harrold. She accused the teen of stealing her phone; turned out she left it in a cab.
Several city officials have expressed concern over the NYPD’s handling of the woman’s arrest. "We need answers immediately," said the city comptroller.
Cops have a far-right media ecosystem of their own, where they post racist memes, spread disinformation and call for violence against antifa.
A historic uprising against police brutality in the city has seen the arrest of nearly 2,000 people, including me.
It is the latest in a string of violent attacks against Jews in the region.
She arrived in the UK on Monday morning on a flight from JFK airport, but her whereabouts are not known.
The arrests included registered sex offenders who didn't report their change of address on time after becoming homeless.
“I told myself I wasn’t going to be one of those cases that got abandoned,” said Fatoumata Camara, who dug up video proving she was beaten and robbed.
When Englishman John Drennan proposed to girlfriend Danielle Anthon in Central Park, he didn’t know the ring would be down a dirty New York sewer grate hours later. While the pair had tried to reach into the grate and retrieve the ring, they had to leave New York the following day, leaving the ring behind. Little did they know the New York Police Department had managed to rescue the ring the following day, but didn’t know how to get it back to them. After the NYPD asked for help on Twitter, the lucky couple finally found out their ring had been saved, sending their thanks from across the pond.
Four civilians and a policeman were killed by Khalid Masood in March last year.
There’s a delicious schadenfreude in seeing a powerful abuser finally held accountable.
The bombshell accusations against Weinstein sparked the #MeToo movement.
The man can be heard yelling, “What are you doing? I can’t breathe.”