NHS England

Downing Street has announced that NHS workers in direct contact with patients need to have both jabs or risk losing their jobs.
Tory peer confirms she is bidding to replace Simon Stevens in £200,000-a-year NHS England post
Vaccinations for people in their 40s expected this week as government meets target.
Boris Johnson said he is wary of the prospect of rising coronavirus infection rates.
The group was added to vaccine priority group six earlier this year, alongside people with learning disabilities.
Keir Starmer said the prime minister had shut the door in the face of NHS staff.
Sir Simon Stevens tells MPs he can “see the attractions” of a bonus on top of the controversial 1% pay rise proposed by the government.
More than 17 million vaccinations have been administered so far in England.
Deaths are meant to be recorded with 24 hours. No one could tell us why some were taking up to nine months.
Those giving out the jab are calling on the NHS to let them vaccinate more widely as they run out of eligible patients.
Vagina Museum tells health secretary that self-sampling swabs testing for the Human Papillomavirus Virus are not the same as full cervical screening.
81% of those deemed clinically extremely vulnerable had received a coronavirus vaccine by February 14.
Initially, the testing kits will go to some women aged 25-64 who are 15 months overdue a check.
Matt Hancock said they would all have the jab by February 15. We have little choice but to take his word for it.
Data from NHS England shows every local authority reported a drop in rolling seven-day totals on Monday.
Fresh push to inoculate against Covid-19 comes as Matt Hancock pledges every UK adult can get vaccine by autumn.
Sir Simon Stevens says “lies” about Covid being a hoax risk indirectly killing people and are insulting to health staff “working their guts out”.
Pulse oximeters can be a useful way to know if you need to go to hospital, but they have their pitfalls.
More areas of England could face tougher measures when government outlines changes to tiers on Wednesday.
One NHS boss said frontline hospital staff are "back in the eye of the storm" as the number of coronavirus patients hits a record high.