nhs pay

The singer said during this year's awards show: "It’s all very good to clap for [NHS staff] but we need to pay them."
The Government's approach is chaotic, unstable, and totally unsustainable. If they can find a £1billion for the votes of the DUP then they ought to find the money needed to properly staff the NHS as well. This isn't just about doing what's right for the brilliant staff who are working so hard to keep the service going. It's about doing what's right for patients too. Every day that goes by more and more talented and hardworking people are leaving NHS professions because of the neglect of this Government.
It's time to end real terms pay cuts for all public sector workers. 5.5m hardworking public servants need it. Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP promised it. Conservative voters want it. Her own MPs are persuaded of it. The PM should just tell the Treasury to get on with it.