Nick Griffin

During one of the more surprising episodes of the Sunday Politics show, a BNP spokesperson suggested that their beloved leader
One of the bodyguards of British National Party leader Nick Griffin has been arrested in Merseyside. Martin Reynolds, 46
Immigration is a topic you cannot discuss without being shouted down as a racist, some say. Despite the topic being apparently
Hot on the heels of his cooking show, British National Party leader Nick Griffin has unveiled his first recipe book - and
This video featuring Nick Griffin... cooking... highlights what is missing from television nowadays.
Ukip is on track to pick up most of the votes from the British National Party in upcoming elections as Nick Griffin's party
Merry new year! And welcome to the new-look Funny Tweets Of The Week for 2014 - now streamlined for your viewing pleasure
Nick Griffin has been declared bankrupt, but it could be worse – he could be Michael Schumacher, the party has said. BNP
British National Party leader Nick Griffin MEP has been declared morally bankrupt. Rumours had been swirling since 1974, when
Declaring bankruptcy is a sad event but it happens to many cash-strapped Brits who find themselves unable to pay their debts