Nicola Sturgeon

“I was making decisions for myself at 16," Gillian Keegan said.
It is the first time Westminster has used the power in nearly 25 years of devolution.
It would be the first time a UK government has taken the dramatic step in nearly 25 years of devolution.
Members of Parliament found themselves caught up in porn scandals, Spice Girl beef and jungle life. And that's just the Tories.
His decision to quit means the SNP leader's influence over her troops at Westminster could now be diluted.
The shock move comes amid in-fighting among the party's MPs.
The SNP leader plans to turn the next general election into a "de facto referendum" on breaking up the UK.
The Supreme Court shut down the Scottish National Party's latest bid for indyref2.
An independent Scotland would also apply to become a member of the European Union.