Nitrous Oxide

Demonstrators have protested against Government drug policy by staging a mass inhalation of so-called "hippy crack" or laughing
Yes, the use of psychoactive substances can be risky, but it should be for individuals to decide whether or not to take the risk. People should be able to buy, sell and use whatever substances they want, so long as there's no harm to others... To show our support for the legal regulation of drugs as an alternative to prohibition, on Saturday, hundreds of people will gather outside Parliament for a mass inhalation of nitrous oxide.
A Brighton University student died after inhaling so much laughing gas he could not longer walk down the stairs, a coroner's
Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, has got some pretty bad press in the last year for being a potentially dangerous legal high
It would be easy to assume nitrous oxide - more commonly known as laughing gas - is pretty harmless. After all, its name
Home Office figures released recently suggest that in the past twelve months more than 350,000 young people have used nitrous oxide - also known as 'laughing gas', and 'hippie crack' - to achieve a legal high. This makes it the second-most popular drug in the UK after cannabis, and even Prince Harry was said to have had a toot on it three years ago.
More than 6% of young adults used a legal high known as "hippy crack" in the last year, according to the first figures to
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A public schoolboy died after inhaling laughing gas with his friends, his devastated sister has revealed. Promising art student